Raving Fans

Tracy Parish“The website is absolutely stunning!

I’m SO impressed with Jennifer’s skills and expertise. I’m beyond thrilled to have it 100% complete and I know we’ve just recently finished, but it’s already paid off. I received a call today from a career professional in New York. She told me she’s been “obsessing” over my website for 3 days – she said she’s read EVERY WORD and told me that I stand out – head and shoulders – from all the other resume writers with bland websites. And get this… she just contracted with me for a $2,000+ sale because of it!

The ONLY reason I was able to get that particular sale was thanks to the website Jennifer of SSBS designed. I can’t begin to thank her enough! The work she did for me has already paid off in spades – she’s the best!”

Tracy ParishOwner, Speaker & Professional Resume WriterTrend Setting Resumes

kim-kane2-2013I have been using Jennifer’s virtual assistant expertise to help me get my new Holistic Health Coaching business off the ground.

She has been invaluable in saving me tons of time on online marketing tasks that are not my strong suit. Jennifer has helped to create my social media web, my blog, cleaned up and added to my website and many other small yet vital aspects of my online marketing presence that is foreign to me.

I love that no task is too small or large for her to handle.

Kim KaneFounder, Holistic Health CoachWellness Enlightenment

Bernice Boyden“I’ve been working with Jennifer of SSBS for 3 years now, and I’m not sure what I would do without her!

Jennifer is very knowledgeable with all things relating to web design, graphics, social media and more! Responsiveness, creativity and know-how are crucial for me in my business… And I must say Jennifer possesses all of these and some.

She is always willing to go the extra mile and I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate and highly recommend Jennifer!”

Bernice BoydenFounder, Author, Executive & Leadership CoachThe Boyden Group

Darshana WeillWhen I hired Jennifer of SSBS, I had a huge sigh of relief. I now had someone on my team who was not only communicative, made deadlines and easy to work with… I also had a creative, insightful and very skilled woman who wanted to see my business thrive.

Jennifer has helped with everything. She is more than a VA. She is a team member ready to play. On the logistics front, she has created squeeze pages, sales pages, linked them to my shopping cart, managed newsletters and helped with customer relations. She has also designed flyers, banners for my website and sales pages. This has been incredible because she understands how to link my core message to branding.

I don’t know what I would’ve done without her for all these years. Thank you Jennifer!!

Darshana WeillFounder, Holistic Health CounselorFind Food Freedom


Dear Jennifer:

I want to extend my appreciation for your dedication to our internet marketing campaign. Honestly, were it not for you, we wouldn’t have a presence online. I could not have handled the setups and maintenance on my own and I am extremely grateful to you for that. You are a very patient tutor, something that a layperson, like me, really needs. You were also efficient and responsive; your level of service made me feel as if you were only working on my project. I felt confident that the vision I shared with you was one that you could make a reality, and you did!

Our site looks beautiful, our emails are professional, and the feedback has been amazing! We have had over 500 hits in our first week alone! And I love saying, “Check out our web site!”

Thank you Jennifer, you have made a world of difference for our business.

Karla Bravo, Chief InstructorZUltimate Self Defense Studios, Long Beach